E-mobility: Electrifying prospects

Connection solutions for e-mobility from LAPP

The future of mobility is electric. In 2030, 3 out of 4 newly registered vehicles will have an electric drive. This is the result of a current study. By this time, electric vehicles in China are aiming to achieve a market share of 70 percent, and in the USA the goal is 65 percent. LAPP is a strong partner in this context and offers user-friendly charging cables for infrastructure operators, charging station and vehicle manufacturers for charging at public AC charging stations and at domestic or industrial sockets.

What special requirements do cables and wires need to meet in e-mobility?

  • Variable – for charging via domestic and industrial sockets
  • Safe – maximum safety thanks to integrated differential current sensor, detection of impermissible heat build-up, and secured against overrun
  • User-friendly – plug and charge, automatic detection as well as start and stop

The LAPP portfolio

Do you want to buy an electric car or do you already own one? Congratulations! We offer you reliable options for charging your electric vehicle. Whether at home or on the move – LAPP’s charging options provide the perfect setup for electromobility – for example, with one of our type 2 charging cables that meet the European standard.

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What should you bear in mind for your product selection?

As described above, several options are available for charging your car:

  • using a Wallbox or socket at home
  • on the move via public charging stations, quick-charging stations, at work or at a friend's house

The only requirement is that you have the right charger with the right plug for your electric vehicle. In Germany, all charging points have a type 2 plug as standard. This is also the usual plug for all vehicles available in Europe. What is known as a Mode 3 charging cable with a type 2 plug on both sides allows you to easily charge at all charging stations.

Other types of plugs are used for DC quick-charging stations for electric vehicles. The CCS plug is standard in Europe. The easiest way to use it is by charging via a socket. Here, the Mode 2 charging cable has the familiar Schuko plug on one side and the type 2 plug on the other side. A protection and control box integrated into the cable monitors the charging process. For countries that do not use a Schuko mains connection, LAPP offers country-specific adapters for the Mode 2 charging cable.

Can't find the right product for your needs? Together, we develop individual solutions, tailor-made for you. Our experts would be delighted to advise you.

Why LAPP products for e-mobility?

We offer various cable shapes, including the LAPP Helix, a self-clearing quick-charge cable that automatically returns to its original shape after charging is complete. The charging connectors are available in DESIGN and HEAVY DUTY variants, whereby the robust HEAVY DUTY line is ideal for particularly demanding applications in public areas. The Mode 2 charging cable for charging from domestic or industrial sockets gives electric drivers the flexibility to charge their car from a conventional socket if there is no charging station nearby.

In addition to the specified protection class IP55, LAPP offers additional longitudinal water-tightness in the new cable connector design variant, even when the protective cap is not used. Owing to in-house development and production within the LAPP Group, we and you can build on a reliable supply chain.

The amount of material required for the LAPP HELIX cable is only half that of a spiral cable type. The cable is also around 40 percent lighter. Customers also benefit from easier handling and a space saving of up to 60 percent, leading to more space in your car boot.

Charging cables from LAPP are halogen-free, flame retardant, oil-resistant and suitable for use at temperatures ranging from -30°C to +50°C.

LAPP electrifies

The fully electric HYUNDAI IONIQ 5 emits zero emissions and is equipped with a charging system from LAPP that is perfectly tailored to the vehicle concept. The Korean car manufacturer commissioned LAPP to make the charging infrastructure incredibly user-friendly, reliable and as safe as possible. It's with good reason that the IONIQ 5 with its 800 volt on-board power was voted “Car of the Year 2021”.