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Solar energy: a sunny outlook

Complete solutions and project handling for your LAPP PV system

The sun gives us power. But it can do even more. As the largest energy source, it sends an amount of energy to the Earth’s surface each year, which is around 10,000 times the global energy requirements of mankind. This enormous potential cannot be fully exploited, but it is worthwhile to make an efficient use of solar energy. Modern photovoltaic systems are already working at a much better performance level than just a few years ago. Development will continue and thus increase the requirements for connection solutions within photovoltaic systems once again.

Solar product overview

From large-scale plants of the energy suppliers to the to single-family homes, photovoltaics is widely used. get an insight into our product portfolio now.

What special requirements do cables and wires need to meet in PV systems?

The growing system voltage due to increasingly modern PV systems requires equally more powerful cables and components. At LAPP, we have been meeting this challenge for many years and tackle tasks with innovative solutions. To meet the constantly arising challenges caused by system voltage increases, we develop high-quality cables and components with a long service life and extreme robustness as the products are constantly exposed to the wind and weather. Reliable performance requires exceptional weather resistance to heat, wind and frost – and rodent protection is recommended too. At the same time, modern PV systems can supply energy for several decades. 

To exploit the full potential of the power supply, the relatively young industry is working on new technologies and applications such as organic photovoltaics (OPV). The photovoltaic industry’s requirements for cabling solutions range from large, robust cables for direct burial in power stations right through to sophisticated connection systems for flexible OPV modules.

All these requirements pose a major challenge – and we are able to offer successful solutions owing to our experience and expertise.

Products for PV systems

Interested in solar energy? Start your photovoltaic project with high quality and great flexibility with LAPP solar cables. You are fully connected with us. We offer you complete cabling from the roof to the cellar, from energy generation to supply for large plants and single-family homes.

Power and control cables

What should you bear in mind for your product selection?

High-quality products and easy assembly are crucial factors when it comes to selection. If one of the cables becomes brittle or malfunctions, it affects all the other cables from the same drum. Since new installations and removals can be very expensive in this case, investing in durable and high-quality material is worthwhile in the long term.

When purchasing a solar connector, please be aware of the following points:

  • Product selection: Use the EPIC® SOLAR 4Plus male plug connection and the EPIC® SOLAR 4Plus female plug connection made of high-quality, UV-resistant plastic.
  • Crimp connections, crimped according to specifications, are the best quality connection between cable and plug connection. They reliably transmit solar energy throughout the photovoltaic system’s entire service life – over decades. Our LAPP plug connection system has a crimp termination for cable cross-sections up to 10 mm².
  • The TÜV certification and the tests in accordance with the standard DIN EN 62852 (relevant for plug connections for DC voltage applications in photovoltaic systems) indicate quality.

Why LAPP products for this solar energy?

We are constantly developing our products and services. Striving for the greatest possible durability, robustness and extreme flexibility is what drives us. Thanks to special sheath materials, LAPP solar cables aren't just flame-retardant and halogen-free, they’re also resistant to ozone and UV. Our solar cables and solar connectors can withstand extreme weather conditions such as heat, wind and frost, making them perfect for use in your outdoor systems.

The products in a solar system are exposed to the sun for years. The transmission of energy and the high resistance heat up cables and plug connections, while the constant alternation between warm and cold due to the sun’s rays and heating during operation causes cables and plug connections to be come brittle.

A variety of inspections and performance tests were carried out with our ÖLFLEX® cables, solar cables, SKINTOP® conduit glands and EPIC® SOLAR plug connections in close cooperation with users, the TÜV and the North American UL approval institute. This enables us to guarantee our quality standard. Our products are ready for use worldwide and, of course, RoHS-compliant.

Can't find the right solar product for your needs? Together, we develop individual solutions, tailor-made for you. Our experts would be delighted to advise you.

Incidentally: Expert knowledge is vital not only in the selection of the components used, but also in the assembly and correct use of the components. We would be happy to support you on site here too.

Everything from a single source. With us as a partner. Our project business team will be happy to advise you on the planning and implementation of your PV systems.

Facing the sun

Solar energy is the fastest and easiest way to generate electricity in Africa. Up until now, however, the sun has been used all too infrequently for this purpose. Thanks to technical advances, new state-of-the-art systems and global pressure to improve the CO2 balance, this is set to change. High-quality cables and connection solutions from LAPP help to withstand the extreme conditions.

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