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EPIC® housing configurator

Online tool for individual EPIC® rectangular connector housings

The bigger the choice, the harder the decision

Sometimes it can be difficult to make a decision, but with millions of combination options, this is also understandable. With our EPIC® housing configurator, you can effortlessly select a rectangular connector housing from our wide range and easily adapt it to your needs.

This means there's nothing standing in the way of choosing the right rectangular connector housing for your application.

Click here to go to the configurator

Your individual rectangular connector housing in just a few clicks. Define the housing shape, type and position of the cable entries and much more.

No costs at all and no registration required.

Configuration options

  • Housing design 
  • Design size 
  • Performance class 
  • Connector design
  • Thread type
  • Thread size
  • Number of holes
  • Hole position
  • Collar
  • Locking type
  • Locking system material
  • Locking clip

The benefits to you

Huge variety

138 million combination options leave nothing to be desired.

Feasibility check

Technical feasibility check for all configurable variants.

User friendly

Online pricing, identification of catalogue variants and delivery of the solution within 5 working days.

Everything at a glance

Visualisation and description of the configured housing incl. option to download the data sheet.

Background knowledge

What are industrial connectors and what are they used for?

An industrial connector is the elementary component of a detachable, secure plug connection between two cables or for connecting a cable to a device or machine.It establishes the contact and withstands hundreds of plug cycles. 

Where are industrial connectors used?

Industrial connectors are integrated in industrial machinery, plant engineering and drive systems and used for measurement, control, regulation and power. The different shapes, sizes and variants enable a wide range of applications.

Why do I need a housing for my industrial connector?

Rectangular connector housings protect the core of the rectangular connector, namely its inserts and contacts. They ensure that a rectangular connector is stable and resistant. This makes them ideal for industrial applications.