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Health Check Service

Do you have a healthy and robust communication network?

On the journey to Industry 4.0, i.e. digitalisation in industry, needs-oriented planning of Ethernet-based networks is becoming increasingly tricky. Network technology must be as reliable and powerful as possible with permanent network stability.

Machines should be smart, self-learning and transparent, and be linked to one another via the Internet with a clear identity according to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). A digital and virtual clone of the plant, known as a digital twin, should provide new potential to continuously increase the company's effectiveness and productivity.

As the size and complexity of the machine network (many system components and communication protocols) increases, the correct design and monitoring of the network and the downstream assessment of diagnostic data will quickly become a mammoth task for many companies.

Over time, wear and tear appears in plugged connections and Active components. Although most active components can initially resolve minor faults independently, an increased accumulation of faults may lead to the network suddenly no longer working as reliably. Devices may no longer be responsive or response times may become too long. Even if the anomalies initially seem unremarkable or only occur sporadically, you should intervene immediately to avoid machine failure.

LAPP can be your partner when evaluating your data communication.

It is often not clear at first glance where problems have occurred or will arise in the network. We have the specialist expertise.
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LAPP can be your partner for cause investigations.

The network is often too intertwined to be regularly put to the test itself. We read even the weakest error signals.
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What is the actual current state of your industrial network?

If you are unable to answer this question right away, simply book the free LAPP diagnostic service for industrial networks! Implement the right precautions today! We test your network with certified experts, taking into account the respective specifications and standards.

If you too want to benefit from our Health Check Service, take this opportunity to test and help shape this range of services. We will learn about your needs and requirements and provide you with your health status as well as advice and solutions from our connectivity experts.

Of course, free of charge and without obligation.

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What is the Health Check Serivce from LAPP?

The Health Check Service is all about supporting your machine and production operators in maintaining your system. This will give you precise insights into your Ethernet and PROFINET systems.

These are the services provided by our LAPP experts and partners:

  • Check the health status of the passive network technology:
    • How is cabling regulated?
    • In what state is the connection technology in the control or server cabinet?
    • How is EMC protection configured?
    • How does the mechanical stress affect the components?
    • Are the components suitable for the application?

  • Check the health status of the active network technology:
    • How does network monitoring work?
    • How reliably does data traffic flow?
    • What is the transmission quality?
    • Which data packages present difficulties?
    • What is the packet delay variation (jitter)?
    • Which firmware and hardware versions are used?

  • Detect imminent errors or weaknesses
  • Locate and analyse current errors
  • •Suggest improvements

Expert tips:

Plan the monitoring of the communication quality immediately after your system has been commissioned. Regular inspection dates also help with maintenance. Use Manage switches. These enable 10 times faster error diagnosis and detection. They map topologies and collect diagnostic data. Let's work together to identify weaknesses.
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Which critical factors have an impact on the machine network?

How do you benefit from the LAPP Health Check Service?

Products age. It is generally understood that products subject to high stress age even faster.

“Stress” includes all kinds of mechanical stress such as pressure, bending, torsion etc. However, very low and/or very high ambient temperatures, humidity and frequent cleaning processes with aggressive media also lead to premature ageing of equipment. This can lead to a brittle cable sheath, damaged core insulation or even a broken core. If product earthing and protection against electromagnetic interference are designed sub-optimally or even incorrectly, or if an inadequate network configuration leads to a permanently high grid load, your products “suffer” more than necessary.

Are you familiar with these problems?

After performing the Health Check Service, you will benefit from a comprehensive display of your diagnostic data.

You will receive a detailed report on:

  • the network communication (e.g. capacity utilisation, error statistics)
  • the network configuration (e.g. network topology with device and connection overview, firmware versions)
  • the automated diagnostic messages from networks and devices

You will also receive:

  • a cabling certification report for the cables tested separately
  • a checklist for compliance and improvement of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • a report to identify any weaknesses
  • optimisation potential suitable for your application

And then?

Enjoy improved overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) through better plannable maintenance measures and more reliable systems, and thus reduced costs.

Why is lapp the right partner at your side?

Reasons to establish a successful collaboration with LAPP:

  • We have the expertise to detect likely interference and failure factors during machine planning or commissioning.
  • We have measuring tools and the necessary experience to quickly detect fault and failure factors for problematic existing machinery on site. We systematically follow tried-and-tested checklists.
  • We provide suggestions for improvement to remedy weaknesses of which you are not yet aware.
  • We offer non-binding suitable alternative products to solve your problem quickly.
  • We offer extended warranties for the LAPP components tested by us.
  • We take our time completing this important task. This is time you don’t always have alongside your day-to-day work.

We test your network with certified experts, taking into account the respective specifications and standards. So you can take part in the pilot project of LAPP’s Health Check Service, free of charge.

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