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Expert advice for greater efficiency

The expansion of fibre optic networks, the connection of a wind turbine to the nearest transformer station or the installation of control cables or supply cables. Good planning is the best basis for a successful project. Nevertheless, no planner can know each and every aspect of all technical components. You should therefore rely on the consulting skills and professional all-round service from your LAPP project team. This saves resources and you'll benefit from our service and expertise.

Anyone looking to succeed with modern, highly complex projects must see the big picture as well as every last detail. They must consider the current tasks and perform these with great precision, in addition to coordinating their suppliers and the entire logistics. They must define the optimum connectivity solutions and provide specifications for custom-made products where necessary, to name but a few examples. At the same time, they must also implement the project within the specified schedule and budget. This must be achieved in the face of ever-increasing requirements concerning efficiency and effectiveness. Your LAPP project team specialises in complex tasks of this nature.

We make your challenges our own.

Solar energy

Complete solutions and project handling for your LAPP PV system
LAPP's solutions for the solar industry

Wind energy

Complete connectivity solutions for wind energy from LAPP
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Broadband expansion

Connection and marking solutions from LAPP for broadband expansion
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What special requirements do we fulfil at LAPP?

No matter what you’re building – rely on us:The LAPP project team will assist you in successfully implementing your major projects in the area of cables, wires and connection technology. Together, we can create the ideal solutions for your project. We have a wealth of experience in all industries in which cables and wires are used for network infrastructures. Our customised solutions, tailored to your requirements, offer you various options to optimise your processes. We support you as a reliable partner with a strong network. We store the goods securely in our logistics centres for the duration of the construction phase. You won't need to rent a space or protect the goods from theft or vandalism.

The LAPP portfolio

LAPP sells more than 40,000 articles and is very quick to find the right cables, connectors and accessories. Another key benefit to you: You will have a dedicated contact throughout the entire course of the project. They will be familiar with your project and your specific requirements and will be personally available for all questions and services.

LAPP optimises the development of your project, for example, with the on-site hub, a robust and customised storage container in which all ordered goods are properly housed for efficient material control. Nothing is lost here, as all the required materials are arranged and stored in integrated shelf and container systems.

And if you need new materials during the project, LAPP’s needs-based Kanban solutions provide fast replenishment. You scan a QR code on the storage system of the on-site hub using a Kanban scanner and your ordering process is automatically and immediately started. So you'll never run out of material.


Why choose LAPP for your project?

Our specialised logistics will help you to always have the right product at the right time in the right place. Our customised solutions, tailored to your requirements, offer you various options to optimise your processes. We support you as an expert reliable partner with a strong global network.

The benefits to you:

  • Products, consultation and implementation support from a single source
  • Coordination of all partners involved
  • Conservation of resources and budget
  • An expert contact throughout your entire project
  • The right goods at the right time in the right place
  • Process optimisation at the delivery location thanks to specialised equipment
  • Advice and planning for delivery
  • Goods are securely stored in our logistics centres for the duration of the construction phase, i.e. no further rental costs for storage areas and goods do not need to be protected against vandalism or theft

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