Powering the Electric Revolution

Modern electric vehicle plants run on automation. They have evolved into a system of precision and efficiency, a seamless blend of innovative technology and refined engineering.​

LAPP has been a leader in providing solutions for the automotive industry for over 40 years. We engineer and manufacture a full range of robust cables, connectors, strain relief glands, and custom cable assemblies. These and other infrastructures must all meet stringent performance requirements that meet environmental conditions, safety standards, and data transmission requirements.​

Solutions from Expertise and Decades of Auto Industry Experience

As a leading supplier of cables, connectors, accessories, and value-added solutions:

  • we are uniquely positioned to partner with automobile manufacturers, battery producers, and other industry members to build the electric future. ​

  • we support our automotive partners with the mission-critical industrial network connectivity they need to keep their operations running.

  • we are excited to be part of the front lines of the EV revolution, helping manufacturers navigate this transformative growth with our deep application experience, engineering expertise, and the broadest and most innovative range of connectivity solutions in the industry.

Elevate Your EV Manufacturing with Cabling Solutions from LAPP

In the fast-paced world of electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing, ETHERLINE® Industrial Ethernet data cables can play a pivotal role, ensuring fast, reliable data transmission, which is critical for peak production performance. Designed to thrive in industrial settings, our cables range from CAT.5 to CAT.7, supporting the optimization of machine operations and enabling industrial networking across various tiers of the automation pyramid. The result is high data transmission speeds, improved real-time communication, and the ability to handle increased data volumes — all of which contribute to superior production line performance. Incorporating EMI protection, ETHERLINE® cables also come with options for UV resistance, exceptional flexibility and continuous flexing, and halogen-free materials. Various jacket options like PUR, PVC, and TPE cater to specific environmental demands, ensuring durability and long-term functionality in the demanding realm of EV production.

Maximize your EV manufacturing productivity with LAPP's EPIC® industrial cable connectors. Our flexible system of housings, inserts, and contacts, available in rectangular, circular, and Pin & Sleeve configurations, offers a modular construction with hundreds of combinations to suit your specific requirements. EPIC® connectors provide superior protection against liquids, dirt, corrosives, and EMI, ensuring secure connections that maintain maximum production line uptime. The quick disconnect/reconnect design minimizes downtime during machine changes, installations, and maintenance while eliminating field wiring mistakes. Built to withstand hundreds of plug cycles, EPIC® connectors seamlessly integrate power, signal, and data cables, with metal and plastic options suitable for any factory environment.

LAPP's ÖLFLEX® industrial cable series is engineered to meet the highest demands and maintain system operations in challenging environments. High quality jacket and insulation materials create robust cables for harsh environments. Important cable features include:

  • Strong oil, flame, and crush-resistance
  • Highly flexible and continuous flex cables suitable for limited space and maximum usage applications
  • Specialty torsion and high-temperature cables built to withstand unique conditions

ÖLFLEX® cables hold a long list of approvals, including TC-ER, NFPA, and CSA, ensuring uncompromising quality and reliability.

Discover the seamless solutions OLFLEX® CONNECT offers for all your industrial cabling needs. With over 30 years of expertise, we specialize in designing, assembling, and testing cable systems tailored to your exact specifications. Our custom-made cable assemblies, servo assemblies, and populated tracks ensure we meet every requirement. Our experienced engineers will collaborate closely with your team, guaranteeing the highest quality components and streamlined production processes. Partnering with OLFLEX® CONNECT means saving valuable time and resources, eliminating the need for costly production facilities and large inventory investments. Experience the convenience of easy reordering and the assurance of comprehensive inventory availability.

SKINTOP® Cable Glands are your solution for secure and reliable industrial cable connections. Our comprehensive range of cable glands supports fast, easy, and secure connections, ensuring maximum productivity and performance in your manufacturing operations. Designed to provide cable strain relief and seal housings against environmental effects like dirt, dust, and moisture, our cable glands provide unparalleled protection for your critical equipment. Engineered with advanced features such as anti-vibration protection, resistance to extreme temperatures, and optimum sealing, SKINTOP® glands provide durability and reliability. With quick and easy installation, proven performance, and a variety of materials including plastic, brass, and stainless steel, our cable glands are trusted by industries worldwide.

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Powering the Future: LAPP’s Commitment to Electric Vehicles

At LAPP North America, we're more than just a leading provider of industrial cables and connectors – we're at the forefront of the electric vehicle (EV) revolution. Our unwavering commitment to technological innovation and sustainability has driven us to develop cutting-edge solutions for the EV and battery industries.

As the world makes the shift to greener transportation, we're right there, ensuring that the heart and soul of these vehicles – their batteries and systems – perform flawlessly.

Join us in driving the future of mobility.

Whether you're an EV manufacturer, battery producer, or a visionary looking to make a difference, LAPP USA is your partner in the electric vehicle revolution.

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