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Cables for the food and beverage industry

There are few industries which are quite as multifaceted and demanding in terms of the requirements they impose on their operating conditions as the field of food and beverage technology. The strict hygiene and cleanliness requirements which exist in the food processing industry naturally also apply to implemented electrical components. The most important requirement is that germs and impurities must not form and come into contact with the product. This is why cables for the food industry, as well as connectors and cable glands, must be able to meet the highest quality requirements.

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What special requirements do cables and wires need to meet in the food and beverage industry?

The strict hygiene regulations for food processing or handling define many complex requirements for electrical components. The cables and accessories used must withstand a wide range of chemical, thermal and mechanical loads and also function perfectly at all times in refrigerated and damp rooms. In food production, machinery and systems are often cleaned for around 30% of the day. Highly corrosive and aggressive cleaning agents and chemicals are sometimes used to kill as many germs as possible and to prevent impurities. Processing under extreme temperatures is another challenge in wet or refrigerated rooms as well as for heating processes. This means that cables and wires for food production must be resistant to chemical, thermal and mechanical stresses and must be certified in accordance with FDA, ECOLAB or Hygienic Design. This is the only way they can be used in the processing and production areas.

The requirements of the food industry at a glance:

  • Resistant to aggressive cleaning agents
  • Resistant to bio-oils, fats, fruit and lactic acids
  • Temperature resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Rust-free

Our products for the food and beverage industry

As a long-term partner to the mechanical and plant engineering industry, LAPP offers a comprehensive range of standard and specialized products which meet even the high demands of the food industry. Our in-house laboratory and testing facilities are also an important source of support.

What should you keep in mind for your product selection?

Three zones are defined in food and beverage production. Depending on the zone, the external influences vary in terms of mechanics or temperature. We can offer you the right cables and connection solutions for your machinery and systems for all zones – contact zone, splash zone and non-product zone. Choosing suitable components and their proper use can have direct impacts on the safety of staff and the final product quality – in addition to the importance of minimizing downtime, ensuring quality, protecting employees – while these are priorities in all industrial sectors, they are particularly important in food production. This is because in the food and beverage industry, once the processing of perishable food and beverages ceases, it leads to profit losses as well as the additional expense as a result of waste disposal and the need to restart production. At the same time, the consumer's health is always at risk in this industry.

Why use LAPP products for the food industry?

The food and beverage industry is one of LAPP's key focus industries. We have extensive knowledge and expertise in this field and offer a comprehensive range of standard products which meet the most stringent requirements. As cable and connection specialists, we also have an impressive range of unique solutions that were developed specifically for the food and beverage industry in our in-house laboratory and test facilities. We have gained a wealth of experience in our international laboratories over the years. Approximately 100 different cleaning agents and more than
700 other substances, such as oils, fats and emulsions, have already been tested on our product materials.

We collaborate with many different partners throughout the food and beverage technology industry so we are familiar with their specific requirements. Whether in dairy processing and dairy technology, meat and fish processing, bakery and confectionery processing, in beverage bottling plants or packaging machines – LAPP is your expert solution partner for cable and connection technology and we provide maximum functionality and safety with our reliable and proven branded products.

Benefits of LAPP connection solutions at a glance:

  • Temperature-resistant and heat-resistant cables
  • Use of hybrid cables
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Hygienic Design compliant
  • FDA approval and certified according to EHEDG, ECOLAB®, IPA clean room suitability
  • Development with regard for adequate component protection classes

Can't find the right product for your needs? Together, we can develop individual solutions, tailor-made for you. Our experts would be delighted to advise you.

Incidentally: Expert knowledge is vital not only in the selection of the components used, but also in the assembly and correct use of the components. We are ready to support and guide you any way we can.

A secure connection for delicious pasta

Heat, moisture, cleaning agents: connection systems for food processing have to withstand a lot. LAPP offers the right products, including special solutions for a manufacturer of pasta production equipment.