Broadband expansion: optimally connected

Connection and marking solutions from LAPP for broadband expansion

Comprehensive fiber optic connections are paving the way for a successful 5G infrastructure. This will enable LAPP to expand its current business field of industrial communication. 5G technology takes this field to a new level of performance. 

The digital transformation and the massively increasing data traffic call for ever-greater network capacities. This is particularly true of the Internet of Things in industry and logistics. 5G has enormous potential to significantly improve machine-to-machine communication (M2M) in the automation of production lines – and the powerful wireless standard ensures stability in the mobile network. 

LAPP believes that 5G and other existing wireless technologies represent an ideal complement to wired communication solutions.

What special requirements do connection solutions for broadband expansion need to meet?

  • Quick and reliable transmission of large data volumes
  • Metal free, fault free and bug proof
  • Timely deliveries to the construction site
  • Highest quality of fibers, cables and components for fault-free operation

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Products for broadband expansion

We offer our customers quick and reliable transmission of large data volumes with the help of LAPP glass fiber cables – metal-free, fault-free and bug-proof. The transmission via light signals is not even impaired by electromagnetic radiation.

What should you bear in mind for your product selection?

On-time deliveries to building sites, reliable quality and immediate emergency requirements – these are the typical needs of a civil engineering company. Our customers often install glass fiber cables that cover long distances. They aim to avoid losses in performance. For future-proof broadband expansion.

The LAPP glass fiber cables enable large amounts of data to be transmitted quickly and reliably. The data is transmitted as light signals. The process is metal-free, fault-free and bug-proof. The data transmission is not even impaired by electromagnetic radiation.

Why use LAPP products for broadband expansion?

We know that broadband expansion in Germany is still at early stages and each of your projects has its own challenges. Rest assured that we at LAPP are at the starting gates. Together, we will tackle these challenges and develop individual solutions, tailor-made for you.

We are fully prepared. All common glass fiber cable types are in stock for you in maximum reel lengths for immediate retrieval. Thanks to our logistics processes, we can offer you these products quickly and reliably. This will allow you to stick to your deadlines, despite the current difficult situation.

The benefits to you at a glance:

  • High availability from stock
  • Delivery on rent-free solid wooden reels on a transport frame
  • Customer-specific marking variants: optimal assignment and theft-proofing at your building site
  • Framework agreements with individual retrieval cycles: order once – retrieve as required
  • We offer all desired fiber standards, whether from production facilities in Europe or Asia

Increasing data volumes and growing requirements for data transmission with fiber optic installations create a high demand for products from the fiber optic cable product range. With the fiber optic configurator from LAPP, you can quickly and easily put together the right assembly yourself online from the LAPP range. At LAPP, we offer products for indoor, outdoor and universal applications. Depending on the application, you can choose from different fiber types including pure glass fiber, plastic fiber or a mixed fiber.

Do you need special fibers or lengths? At LAPP, we can manufacture, test and deliver your desired length worldwide in no time at all.

LAPP is accelerating

LAPP is pooling its expertise from its international locations to promote networking in every country using intelligent solutions, from cable marking to logistics concepts for just-in-time deliveries.