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Working on the future

How LAPP promotes innovation

Innovation is deeply rooted within LAPP’s DNA. Innovation is one of our four corporate values. For LAPP, developing innovations means understanding customers, placing them at the center of the service offering and finding new, better product and service solutions for their requirements over and over again. With a constant flow of innovations, we support our customers in finding the right connection solutions and thereby transmitting energy, signals or data in an industrial environment. Our mission is clear: "Reliably connecting the world". We strive to be a trustworthy partner for our customers when it comes to innovative solutions in the field of connection technology.

Finding solutions before they are sought

We don't just wait to solve customer-specific problems. Instead, we seek technological developments that make new solution approaches possible. Our self-imposed aspiration to always be at the forefront of technology also includes picking up on key technological trends before customers even ask for the corresponding solutions. How do we identify these? We rely on various building blocks here:

In order to detect technology trends and incorporate relevant information from research and science at an early stage, LAPP has a science-oriented technology advisory board. It is made up of four renowned scientists from different disciplines and regularly discusses technology trends and focal points with senior management and technical experts.
We don't just strive to keep up with the times, we also strive to play an active role in shaping the future. This is why we are involved in publicly funded research projects and promote close cooperation with universities, committees and associations.
The LAPP Tech Radar is an important tool for us to identify and prioritize potential technology fields. In this format, we recap the technological activities of the past twelve months, discuss impetus from new trends and set the technology priorities for the coming year.
Behind this format lie global teams of experts who deal intensively with specific technological fields and technical challenges and clarify questions regarding possible regulations or potential cooperation partners.

Maximum customer orientation

In order to develop product and service innovations that bring relevant added value to our customers, it is also important to be close to the customer and their challenges. Our aim is to find out how we can solve the most relevant problems of our customers. How can we best support them in their future challenges?

Our global colleagues from Market Intelligence, Sales and Product Management work closely together to identify market and application trends at an early stage and make the best use of them to develop innovative solutions.

Our aim is to take on board the stimuli of our customers and feed this into the development work. We are in close contact with our customers via the futureLab, an important element of our trade fair appearances for live presentations of new product and service innovations, so that we can discuss development ideas and prototypes at an early stage and actively acquire pilot customers.

Open innovation culture, connecting structures

We develop our innovations in a modern organizational structure based on ambidexterity and with an open innovation culture. What does this mean for our day-to-day innovation work? Alongside our Stage Gate process for new product development, we have successfully established the Innovation-for-Future format to create space for extraordinary ideas.


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Stage Gate development process

We are continuously working on innovating our product portfolio in our core business, expanding into new relevant markets (such as renewable energies) and driving our customers forward with high-quality and technologically impressive portfolio expansions. We try to work as efficiently and effectively as possible in this regard, always in compliance with the relevant standards.

Innovation-for-Future format

We have established the Innovation-for-future format for innovations and new ground for LAPP to explore. We try to find the right answers to the major challenges facing our customers, without being afraid of radical solutions. We are pushing for an agile way of working and have committed to the motto: "Fail fast & learn fast."

Open innovation culture

We promote work in interdisciplinary teams and tackle innovation projects based on the motto "Why not". We believe that successful innovation work can only be achieved if mistakes and learning are part of the culture. We embody customer-centric innovation when it comes to designThinking. We actively seek out and promote collaborations and exchanges with other companies – regardless of whether they are partners, start-ups or suppliers.

Design Thinking

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Mistakes and Learning

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