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Sustainability as an important part of the LAPP DNA

“We only have one world that we can use and our job is to handle the resources of this world responsibly. This mission is firmly anchored in our core value of being "family-oriented", as it is our responsibility to leave the next generation a healthy planet suitable for our grandchildren. I hope that we can tackle this challenge together – with the ideas, expertise and the energy of all our employees".
Andreas Lapp, son of the company founders Ursula Ida and Oskar Lapp.

LAPP is a family company. This is what shapes our culture. We think in the long-term and act responsibly – for our employees, for our customers, for the environment and society. In this spirit, we are making a sustainable contribution to the well-being of future generations and the preservation of our planet. "Reliably connecting the world" is more than just a promise. Sustainable business is firmly anchored in our LAPP DNA.

Our focus is on sustainable, environmentally friendly management and responsible use of all natural resources. We believe that as a company, we need to set a good example. And we are doing so. For us, economic success is always linked to responsibility for our living environment and sustainability is a recognized criterion for all company decisions. We also have a profound understanding of responsible, respectful and law-compliant business practice that we implement worldwide.

Our commitment to sustainability

We support the United Nations in implementing Agenda 2030 by working according to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which set the framework for sustainable economic, ecological and social management.

Particularly when it comes to the topic of the environment, we observe pioneering guidelines at European level, such as the EU Green Deal, material-related regulations such as REACH / RoHS, and we support the objectives of the Paris Climate Agreement. However, as a globally active company, we also consider specific requirements in our American and Asian sales and production regions.

At our company, we set transparent and plausible goals, anchor them in our strategy and thereby make sustainability an integral part of all business processes. We believe it is important to address the measures that have the greatest impact on society, company and the environment. We follow the motto "First create profound understanding, then reproduce approaches across the board". When it comes to the environment, we use the materiality matrix to identify processes with the relevant environmental impact. Processes are then adapted in accordance with the project, particularly those with a high CO2 load. We focus on our products and their production, whether in-house or via our suppliers.

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