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Designing products and solutions sustainably

A sustainably produced product requires appropriate processes and structures along the entire value chain. We are working on this to minimize the strain on the planet caused by our products during production and at the customer's site. We want to use resources responsibly rather than simply consume them. This is why we are developing sustainable product concepts for more efficient use of natural resources, the material efficiency of the product and the environmentally friendly handling of chemicals and waste. These concepts will be implemented and integrated into our innovative portfolio in the long term.

In line with this, we developed the world’s first lead-free cable glands. Why? Because we are sure that the only way to be successful in the future is to start thinking about tomorrow today. This also applies to the use of suitable connection solutions for your applications and projects. We develop sustainable products before we are required to do so by laws or regulations – as an integral part of our corporate responsibility.

Our commitments with regard to the product:

  • a cable and connector design developed to suit consumption and production.
  • products designed for reliability and durability with high quality standards: we promise fewer downtimes, less maintenance work and a minimized total cost of ownership (TCO) throughout the service life. This also means minimizing the use of resources.
  • the global use of environmentally friendly materials while simultaneously avoiding substances of high concern. In this regard, we are proactively researching innovative solutions that replace potentially harmful material components wherever possible.
  • global monitoring of material regulations: a comprehensive production network for monitoring, analyzing and implementing global regulations regarding materials used helps us here.
  • sustainable supplier management, which is proving to be an effective tool particularly with regard to raw materials.
  • avoiding unnecessary production waste, recycling of waste and safe disposal of hazardous waste.
  • the reduction of CO2 emissions from our products. To do this, we started determining the product carbon footprint (PCF) of various cable products. By establishing verified PCFs, we want to create transparency about the climate impact of our products so that we can initiate targeted measures. We will also make the emission data available to our customers so that they can work out their own carbon footprint based on reliable calculations.

Product example: SKINTOP® MS

The world’s first portfolio of lead-free brass cable glands comes from LAPP. Since 2020, the most common models of our tried-and-tested SKINTOP® and SKINDICHT® cable glands have been available as lead-free variants, making this a sustainable and future-oriented product alternative in the standard range. Lead-free products are identified by the abbreviation LF at the end of the associated article number.

This means we are already complying with the future REACH and RoHS Directives – before the exemption for a lead content of up to 4 per cent expires. 

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