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Wind energy: with tailwind

Complete connectivity solutions for wind energy from LAPP

Wind parks have been erected all over the world – using wind as an energy source is a crucial factor for achieving an economically viable and climate-friendly power supply via renewable energies. Just like solar energy and photovoltaic systems, wind energy also makes a significant contribution to environmental protection and sustainability. LAPP is also playing its part in the energy revolution by developing solutions that meet the challenges of the greatly differing climatic conditions at sites on different continents as well as the specific technical requirements.

What special requirements do connection solutions in wind turbines need to meet?

The demands on cables, cable glands, wires and connectors regarding temperature resistance, vibration resistance and torsional stability are extremely high for both onshore and offshore plants. This is partly due to the greatly differing climatic conditions in locations such as Asia and Europe, as well as the specific technical specifications. Cables and glands for wind turbines must be designed for a temperature range of -40 to +90°C, as well as being UV-resistant and more than able to withstand the prevailing mechanical forces. And often over many years.

What should you bear in mind for your product selection?

Only if all components are optimally coordinated and of the highest quality can service life or system failures be permanently avoided. There is no alternative to using high-quality products in wind turbines. Extreme climatic conditions and strong torsional forces are prevalent there that impact the power and control cables used. As a result, flexible cables and wires for wind turbines must meet high requirements with regard to torsion resistance and robustness.

Why use LAPP products for wind turbines?

The high quality of our products is constantly ensured via our own state-of-the-art test centers. Our global network with our own in-house production across major regions gives our international customers access to a large variety of standard products with the correct standards all over the world.

LAPP can draw on its extensive experience in over 50 years of development and manufacturing, and has built on this experience to develop various innovations and a high standard of production quality and reliability.

Can't find the right product for your needs? Together, we can develop individual solutions, customized for you.

Our team will be happy to help you with the planning and implementation of your wind turbines.


Two become one

The wind turbines with a built-in pumped storage system from construction company Max Bögl are setting standards for the energy revolution. LAPP is providing the cabling for the mega-structures.