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Product configuration

Our online tools for your solution

Product configuration can be so simple. The configurators from LAPP provide you with digital tools for this. This means that you can compile a valid configuration for your personal application online at any time and order the products from our online shop.

LAPP cables and cable glands

Use this selection tool to find LAPP cables and cable glands that meet your application requirements. Explore:

  • ÖLFLEX® VFD Cables
  • SKINTOP® Cable Glands
  • UNITRONIC® Bus Cables
  • ETHERLINE® Industrial Ethernet Cables

LAPP Connectors

Use this selection tool to find LAPP Connectors. Search through:

  • Circular Connectors
  • Rectangular Connectors
  • Pin and Sleeve

2D/3D CAD drawings

You can find CAD models of our EPIC®, SILVYN® SKINTOP® and ETHERLINE® products in over 150 different native formats, as well as exchange formats in 2D or 3D.