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BMEcat at LAPP

For the fastest overview: With the standardised electronic BMEcat, you can integrate the LAPP catalogue into your inventory management system and access all data.

With BMEcat, the German Association for Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics (BME) has set a standard for electronic catalogues. This enables supplier catalogues to be integrated directly into numerous inventory management systems. BMEcat saves you laboriously searching through thick catalogues, and you will have all of our data directly on your system.

LAPP offers you catalogues in version 1.2 or 2.0 (2005). BMEcat can be combined with various classifications.

In conjunction with EDI, you can order from LAPP directly from your system or order platform.


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Why BMEcat?

Advantages of BMEcat at a glance

Advantages of BMEcat
  • Time savings at data capture and transfer
  • Cost reduction
  • Improvement of master data quality
  • Can be combined with classifications such as ETIM, eCl@ss or UNSPSC
  • Extensive article information in one file

Advantages to you

  • Fast processing of product data
  • Probability of errors during transfer reduced
  • Up-to-date and individual product prices in your system
  • The complete LAPP range in your system!


(Only available in Germany)

The Datanorm was developed as a data format to ensure data exchange between manufacturers, distributors and end customers.

At present, we at U.I.Lapp GmbH use Datanorm 4.

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Advantages of Datanorm

  • Compatible with inventory management systems
  • Cost reduction
  • Price security
  • Improvement of master data quality

The benefit for you

  • Data can be transferred to your inventory management system immediately
  • Describe the most important features for all catalogue items (tariff number, country of origin, EAN, etc.)
  • Catalogue prices, discounts, net prices of the LAPP range in your system
  • Copper surcharges for cables and wires
  • Easy updating for new catalogue items.
  • Fast creation of Datanorm 4 by U.I. LAPP