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Cable assemblies

Ready for use immediately!

Cable assemblies are cables that are fitted with one or two connectors at the open ends at the factory. They are ready to connect directly, save time, streamline internal processes and fulfill the highest quality criteria due to LAPP''s expertise. Our portfolio includes various power and control cable assemblies and different data network cable assemblies.

What is a cable assembly or an assembled cable?

A cable assembly is a ready-to-connect cable that has already been fitted with a connector at one or both ends. An assembled cable is ready for use immediately and can be connected directly at the intended location. Process steps, which are sometimes time-consuming, such as stripping the cable, stripping the conductors, crimping the conductor and final connector assembly that would otherwise occur on site are completely omitted. 

Cable assemblies are not only produced in the factory by a cable manufacturer, but are also thoroughly checked. Standardized production steps ensure that cable assemblies meet the same quality criteria. Unlike cables that can be assembled by ourselves, there are considerably fewer errors during assembly by experienced employees in semi-automated production steps and with high quality requirements. 

These cable assemblies can be found in the standard range at LAPP

The laborious assembly is carried out by the LAPP experts for you before delivery!

Assembled connection and extension cables

Less effort, more efficient processes and high savings potential
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Data cable assemblies

For sensor/actuator cabling, assembled Ethernet cables, assembled fieldbus cables and assembled fiber optic cables
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What do you still need to do?- Unpack, plug it in – done!

At last, it’s time for an end to:

  • cutting cables to length,
  • stripping cables,
  • wrapping screening around,
  • stripping conductors,
  • terminating the conductor into the connector and
  • assembling the connector.

Ethernet Plug&Play-cable assemblies

What are the benefits of cable assemblies?

Are you tired of laborious assembly, not to mention in harsh environments? 

The use of cables with connectors fitted on the production side is an attractive solution for many reasons:

Profitable time savings

More efficient work processes

High saving potential

Full flexibility in selecting cable and connector combinations

Smooth installation of devices and machines thanks to a plug & play connection

Reliable, precise connection between cable and connector with consistently high quality thanks to standardization processes

We don't have what you need? How about a customized cable?

Special applications create special requirements and require individual assemblies. 

Select the right power, control or data cable from our comprehensive range of cables to be fitted with the corresponding connectors according to your specifications and requirements. By using factory-assembled cables, you always get tailored solutions for your company-specific requirements.

Under ÖLFLEX® CONNECT or ÖLFLEX® CONNECT DATA, LAPP offers you exclusive customized assemblies. 

LAPP can also be your specialist partner for customized assemblies.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • No capital expenditure for your own production facilities.
  • Lean supplier base leads to lower operating costs.
  • Low inventory levels thanks to complete assemblies.
  • Excellent functional reliability.

Save on your resources and benefit from our expertise.