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Fiber optic cable configurator

A quick, simple and clear path to your FOC assembly

Use our online tool to configure an individually assembled fiber optic cable.

Glass fiber installations are becoming increasingly important for handling larger data volumes and the increasing demands on data transmission. With the fiber optic cable (AKA optical fiber) product group, LAPP offers high-quality cable assemblies for this purpose. With our FOC configurator, you can quickly and neatly put together the perfect assembly for your application.

To the configurator

You can rely on the high-quality products and services

At LAPP, we offer products for indoor and outdoor applications.

Our range includes fiber optic cables made of:

  • pure plastic fibers (POF, stands for polymeric optical fiber or plastic optical fiber)
  • plastic-cladded glass fibers (PCF, stands for polymer cladded fiber)
  • pure glass fibers (GOF, stands for glass optical fiber)

for single-mode and multi-mode.

Choose different fiber optic cables as fiber optic cordsets, loose tube cables, breakout cables or space-saving mini-breakout cables. Depending on the cable type, you can obtain an assembly with the most common connector types such as FC, ST, SC, LC, E-2000 and other connector types. To avoid fiber breakage during installation, the fiber optic cable assemblies can be supplemented with a cable pulling grip on one or both sides.

Test our many years of experience and expertise in manufacturing and assembling fiber optic cables of the renowned LAPP brand products HITRONIC® HUN, HQN, HQW, HQW PLUS, Fire, Torsion, HUW, HVN, HRH, HDH and HDM. The fiber optic cables are available as single-mode cables (OS – optical fiber single-mode, OS2) and multi-mode cables (OM – optical fiber multimode, OM1, OM2, OM3 or OM4).

LAPP is your trusted partner

We are your specialist system partner for sophisticated glass fiber cables and fiber optic cable connection technology.

We produce assemblies for glass fiber cables and fiber optic cables according to your requirements.

Benefit from our many years of experience. We carefully test every fiber optic cable assembly. This is something we always provide – we will include the test report in every delivery.

Your perfectly assembled fiber optic cable

Configure your own assembly with our online tool. The fiber optic cable configurator helps you put together your assemblies. Select your desired length, specification and quantity and request your personal quote.