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For reliable connectors – even after many cycles

The benefits of our connectors are clear: they create detachable connections between a cable and a device, for example, and withstand hundreds of plug cycles. EPIC® industrial connectors are used for power supply as well as signal and data transmission in various industrial environments and support the cable in its tasks: they supply another piece of equipment with power, control the signal transmission and guarantee data exchange. We offer a variety of connector variants for a wide range of applications and with different ordering options. Receive individual parts, kits or customized assemblies.

What are the connectors used for?

In the past, electrical connections were hard-wired, soldered, and then often not touched for a long time; today, these connections are made using connectors that can be disconnected and reconnected again thousands of times, always creating a reliable contact. A connector is therefore the key component of a detachable, secure connection between two cables or for connecting a cable to a device or machine.

Which connectors are available at LAPP?

Overview of possible connections with connectors

Not all connectors are made equal. The shape defines the function. Below you will find an overview of our connector range; from there, you can navigate more easily to the product of your choice.

Find out on the respective sub-pages how industrial connectors are structured, which connection technologies are suitable for assembly, which areas of application result from the respective product group and much more.

Rectangular connectors

Suitable for industrial applications in mechanical and plant engineering, control cabinet construction, lighting and sound technology, etc. as they are robust in harsh environments and easy to use. They are largely used to supply power and transmit signals. However, the modular rectangular connector systems EPIC® MC modules and EPIC® MH enable flexible mixed assembly and are therefore also used for data transmission.

Housings and inserts: There are robust, versatile and highly corrosion-protected housing series available. With the inserts, you can choose between fixed pole or modular to create a customized insert.

Circular connectors

These are particularly suitable for applications in measurement, control and regulation technology, servo drive technology, conveyor technology or industrial robots.

In this product group, you will find power connectors and signal connectors in the sizes M12 to M58, as well as single-pole EPIC® POWERLOCK connectors for use with mobile and stationary energy or emergency power generators or battery storage systems.

Solar connectors

Suitable for direct current applications within photovoltaic systems, i.e. for cabling solar modules, inverters and stand-alone systems. The connectors can be freely assembled.

Data connectors

Suitable for data transmission with copper-based electrical data cables (fieldbus, sensor-actuator, Ethernet) as well as optically transmitting fiber optic cables. In this product group, you will find the most common connectors for harsh industrial environments, structured building cabling, and use in data centers or control cabinets.

An industrial connector is the final touch added at the end of a cable that supplies a piece of equipment with energy, controls it, reads signals or transmits data from a transmitter to a receiver.
Connectors can be found in all industrial environments: in mechanical and plant engineering, in control cabinets and of course in outdoor applications. The different shapes, sizes and variants enable a wide range of applications.

Whether you want to connect the field level to the control cabinet or control unit or for machine-to-machine communication, you are sure to find the right product at LAPP, including all the necessary support information.

The trend towards miniaturization and performance compression is not only evident in the cable area, but is also reflected in the connector area. Ideally, new connectors should have multiple benefits, take up less space in the application, be PROFINET-compliant, vibration-resistant, and have comprehensive shielding for maximum electromagnetic compatibility.

At LAPP, we do everything we can to help you tackle new challenges and to develop the perfect connector for your respective operation site.

Smallest power connector available on the market- EPIC® POWER M12L

Two that fit together like a pot and lid: cables and connectors

Cables and connectors are simply in perfect symbiosis. This is what Oskar Lapp (1921-1987) thought when he founded the LAPP family company in 1959 and brought the first industrially produced ÖLFLEX® power and control cables with colored conductors to the market. Shortly afterwards, the first rectangular connectors from the EPIC® product brand were added to round off the portfolio.

EPIC has always stood for "Environmentally Protected Industrial Connectors".

EPIC® industrial connectors – We connect innovations

Our EPIC® products also meet your individual requirements:

For voltages up to 1.5 kV

For currents up to 660 A

With 1 to 280 contacts

From loose to assembled – you have the choice!

Kits and sets for minimized ordering effort

Don't feel comfortable researching and then purchasing all the individual components required for manufacturing a connector? Do you want to reduce your ordering effort and eliminate the risk of incorrect orders?

Understandable – you're not alone in this! Many customers prefer assembled connector sets with optimally coordinated components.

That is why you will find our kits for rectangular, circular and solar connectors in each connector product group, consisting of a housing, insert, contacts and cable gland, for example.

The worry-free ÖLFLEX® CONNECT package

If you like convenience, try our effective connection technology and let us produce plug & play solutions for you. Suitable for immediate use and perfectly assembled. Either with products from the standard range or customized. Get to your desired cable including an overmolded connector in just a few steps!

Request your desired product now via ÖLFLEX® CONNECT

Connector term definitions

In recent years, we have found a lack of consistency in technical language relating to connectors. Terminology that should be easily understood is sometimes explained incorrectly and can lead to misunderstanding in written communication. We're hoping to clear up any confusion!

When used correctly, the term plug actually only describes the male insert, but not the whole connector. A connector consists of a male part, known as the plug, and a female part, known as the socket.

In the interior of the connector, a distinction is made between the pin and the socket.

What should you consider when it comes to connectors?

Everything from a single source

We have been offering cables, wires and connectors from a single source since 1963. Benefit from our in-depth expertise for your application!

Made in Germany

The connector range is developed, produced and tested primarily at the German headquarters in Stuttgart. After all, "Made in Germany" is known for high quality products!

Connectors in all variants

Experience millions of combination possibilities for one connector. It's almost impossible not to find the right one!