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LAPP’s product range of tools and accessories includes tools, end sleeves and cable lugs, products for EMC and grounding, as well as insulation and shrink tube products, cable trolley systems, cable duct and cable wedge clamps and products for cable bundling. As a leading supplier of cabling solutions, we are experts in handling, assembling and installing cables. You can also put your trust in reliable LAPP products with regard to tools and accessories.

This is what awaits you in the product range of tools and accessories

A Far Eastern wisdom states that “It’s not enough to come to a river with the desire to catch fish. You also need to bring the net".

The same applies to the electrical engineering sector for the assembly of cables and machine cabling. Before connecting the cable, it must first be cut to length, stripped and, if necessary, stripped of insulation. This requires a professional stripping tool.

LAPP is the largest European system supplier for “all cable technology”.

We know that without suitable cable accessories and suitable tools, nothing works!
In the tools and accessories product range, you will find everything you need to work with and install cables.

Electrical connecting material

Our wide range of products for connecting cables

EMC and earthing products

Our wide range of products for earthing and EMC protection

Insulation and shrink tube products

Our wide range of products for insulating and shrinking

Cable bundling solutions

Our wide range of products for bundling and protecting cables

Cable ties and accessories

For all applications


Tools for cutting, stripping, stripping and crimping

This tool makes your project easier

Ergonomic and high-quality tools from LAPP are easy and safe to use, making them ideal for fatigue-free and precise electrical work. They help you with your tasks and minimize the amount of effort required.

As the German saying goes: "Good tool, good work".

Would you like to reduce your workload, save costs and combine work steps? And discover really smart solutions for your day-to-day work? Then don't hesitate to browse through our various tool categories! Whether it's a special tool or an all-rounder, you'll definitely find what you're looking for:

  1. Cutting tools and pliers: tools for cutting and working with cables
  2. Stripping tools and tools for stripping insulation: stripping tools for many cable types and single conductors
  3. Crimping tools: tools for crimping end sleeves, cable lugs, blade connectors and shield connectors

Calculation tool cable trolley system C30_C40

Tool to calculate a cable trolley system according to your requirements.
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You will never get enough of these accessories

In addition to the appropriate tool, various accessories are required for handling and installing cables and wires, depending on the application. Our diverse product range has an answer for almost every requirement: whether for assembling or connecting cables, bundling cables, grounding and EMC protection, whether for securing and guiding, insulating and shrinking, or for housing electrical components in corresponding housings – With LAPP accessories, you are perfectly equipped.

This is why you should purchase tools and accessories through LAPP

Only one point of contact

Manage all your cabling and installation material needs in one place, saving valuable time.

LAPP as a system supplier

Rely on our experience. We know which tools and accessories you need for cables and wires.

Highest quality standards

Put your trust in the high-quality products from our partner companies that are precisely tailored to LAPP cables and wires.