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Logistics products

Our transport, storage and unwinding solutions enable efficient and ergonomic handling.

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Cable reel cardboard box

Portable cardboard box with unwinding and storage option

Perhaps you do not have a reel rack and are looking for a flexible alternative for unwinding? LAPP offers a cost-effective and flexible solution!

With our cable reel cardboard box, you can unwind our LAPP reels with 40 cm (15.6 in) flange diameter effortlessly. Ideal for manual transport, the cardboard boxes can be stacked on site or integrated into a compartment floor rack.

Cable reel pallet

Transport aids with unwinding function

Do you need a transport aid with a direct unwinding function? With our cable reel pallet, reels up to a flange diameter of 90 cm (35.1 in) can be unwound directly from the load carrier.

Our cable reel pallet is an ideal transport and storage option, which is also suitable for export due to its IPPC treatment.


Portable and flexibly adjustable drum unwinder

The Champion is our lightweight solution for unwinding drums. It can easily roll small coils from 15 cm or drums with up to 90 cm flange diameter. The special design makes the LAPP Champion particularly lightweight, while still ensuring a safe and stable stand on various surfaces.

Customized rack solution

Customized reel and ring rack systems

Our rack systems can be individually planned to adapt flexibly to all requirements, and subsequently expanded as needed. They are an ideal storage option and allow items from the rack to be used directly.

Plastic reel

Reels for hygienically demanding applications

Do you need to meet certain hygiene requirements? On request, you can also receive our cables and wires for a surcharge on environmentally friendly recycled plastic reels, which you can use in clean rooms.

Lamiflex casing

Smart reel casing for maritime transport

Do you need a packaging solution suitable for sea freight? We can offer you the cost-effective Lamiflex casing as a simple and time-saving alternative to wooden board casing. This effectively protects the cable from influences during sea transport.

Multi-chamber reel

Installation of several cables and stranding on site

The individually configurable, fee-based multi-chamber reel can be used to perform stranding directly on your construction site. The multi-chamber reel enables several cables to be inserted simultaneously at your location.

Systems for single cores

Mobile transport, organisation and cutting system

Do you need a mobile transport, organisation and cutting system for your single cores? LAPP provides the solution! There are two basic systems available for the LAPP single core rings: the TRONIC box or the TRONIC module with different trolleys and single core capacities. Optionally, measuring devices with a cutting device can also be selected for both systems.

With the TRONIC S12 single core trolley, we also have a transport, organisation and cutting solution ready for you for the LAPP single core coils.

Transport frame

Transport and storage of standing reels

For quality, safety and handling reasons, large reels are transported on specially designed (IPPC standardized) wooden frames. Transport frames are provided free of charge for large reels with a flange diameter of 140 cm (54.6 in) and above.

Drum trolley

Mobile transport, ordering and cutting trolley

You need a mobile unwinding and storage facility for several drums? LAPP offers the solution! The drum trolley can be individually equipped with eight drums and, if required, extended by four reel axles. This way, drums with flange diameters between 40 and 50 cm and a total load of up to 400 kg can be easily transported to the place of use.