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Benefits of your dual training at LAPP

Reconciling work and private life

We offer you:

  •     Flexible working hours and the possibility of mobile working (depending on job description/area of application)
  •     30 days of vacation per year
  •     Individual opportunities

Lifelong learning, education and training

We want to grow with you. Your personal and professional development is important to us. That's why we attach importance to it from day one and offer you, among other things.

  • Training weeks (introductory week, advanced training week, final training week)
  • Regular feedback sessions (self-perception/perception of others)
  • Assignment abroad (prerequisite is, among other things, a grade point average of at least 2.4 in the vocational school/dual college)
  • Regular change of department (relevant to training/studies)

Health and well-being

The health and well-being of our employees is close to our hearts. Whether on site or on the road. We support your well-being.

  • Balance and get-together through your own trainee break room.
  • Modern company restaurant with seasonal and regional dishes, incl. breakfast service
  • Company health management
  • Good public transport connections via the 'Lapp Kabel' tram stop (U12)
  • Voluntary social benefits and allowances (meal allowance/travel expenses)
  • Holiday and Christmas bonus
  • Cost absorption for books/teaching materials (compulsory reading at vocational school/dual university)
  • Cost absorption of fees/contributions at the dual university
  • Bonus with successful (very good - good) completion of dual training or dual study programme

Sports and leisure

Fun and cohesion are very important at LAPP. That's why we also offer various opportunities to network with colleagues outside of working hours - also internationally: 

  • Once a year and always in a different country, the LAPP football and volleyball tournament takes place. Every employee can take part and face the sporting challenge together as a team. 
  • Use of the leisure and sports facilities (of LAPP)
  • Joint visits to the 'Stuttgart Spring Festival', the 'Cannstatter Wasens' and the LAPP Christmas market.
  • Benefits for employees (corporate benefits)

Start of training 9/2024

If you don't want to leave your career to chance, you've come to the right place. Discover the opportunities at LAPP.

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