Our mission statement

We serve our customers with the intention of improving their success in their respective markets. We enjoy a reliable and trusting relationship with our partners. We take every customer, both existing and potential, seriously and maintain a relationship based on respect

  • We provide our customers with a supply guarantee the world over thanks to international production sites and on-site storage of LAPP branded products
  • Our expert employees are on hand to help customers all over the world
  • We find quick, flexible and straightforward solutions for our customers
  • We offer our customers competitive value for money
  • We enjoy long-term relationships with our partners and continue to evolve together
  • Our skills are complemented by strong partners
  • We strengthen our global growth with an international network of partners

Aiming for success is important to us for ensuring our independence and profitable growth.

  • Our performance-oriented organisation impresses both customers and partners
  • Our organisation is capable of change and adapts to new requirements
  • Our organisation boasts transparent structures that are adapted to our processes
  • We promote team-based decision-making
  • Our awareness of the risks supports our growth strategy
  • We are conscious of costs and results
  • We work towards and communicate jointly agreed goals
  • We make sustainable, long-term decisions

Long-term strategies, a warm approach and close proximity combat any distance or anonymity.

  • Our corporate culture is shaped by relationships based on respect and consideration
  • We encourage independent thinking and personal responsibility
  • We communicate openly and transparently
  • We work together towards our goals in a spirit of trust
  • We constructively reflect on our actions and words
  • We secure our future through the education and training of our employees
  • We respect the human rights, values and standards in all cultures
  • We address social and collective challenges
  • Shareholders identify with the company LAPP remains a family company

For us, innovation means developing forward-looking solutions for our customers.

  • We continuously develop our products, system solutions and services
  • With our branded products, we set standards in terms of safety, quality and functionality
  • We are constantly striving for improvements in our methods, processes and technologies
  • We produce our innovative branded products in our own flexible plants
  • We are committed to ensuring the safety of our employees, to protecting the environment and to responsible use of resources in the production of our products.