LAPP is aware of its responsibility towards future generations. We have always supported social, cultural, ecological and scientific institutions and projects.

If you would like to apply for funding from LAPP, please read through our funding principles, funding priorities and exclusion criteria.

If your project fulfils these requirements, you can submit your request using the following form:

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If you have any questions, please contact the following e-mail address:

Our funding principles

LAPP is guided by the following funding principles when granting financial support, support in kind and services:


  • LAPP focuses its activities on the region in which it operates. Donations and sponsorship activities should have a regional identity and thus a connection to our company locations.


  • Sustainability is an integral part of LAPP's DNA. It supports projects/activities that have a sustainable character, i. e. create long-term added value and offer ecological and social added value. All donations and sponsorship projects should contribute to achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


  • The transparent handling of funding is particularly important to LAPP. Donations and sponsorships are only provided for projects/activities by natural and legal persons who fulfil our transparency requirements.

Industry exclusivity

  • When selecting projects, we attach great importance to sector exclusivity.

Funding priorities

In order to increase the impact of its donation and sponsorship activities, LAPP concentrates on the following key areas of support:

Protection of the environment

  • The responsible use of all natural resources is one of LAPP's most important corporate goals. Projects/activities are promoted that raise awareness for the environment or responsible environmental behaviour.

Science and education

  • LAPP is convinced that education helps to improve the living conditions of children and their families in the long term. Together with local institutions, we support educational programs for children and young people. LAPP also supports innovative scientific projects and institutions in the field of electrical engineering. There is a particular focus on promoting women in STEM professions and degree programs.

Social affairs

  • LAPP supports various social projects. The focus is particularly on projects that promote the compatibility of work and family life.

Exclusion criteria

The following are excluded from funding:

  • Celebrations and raffles
  • Print, video or audio projects
  • Individuals (e. g. professional athletes)
  • Politicians, political parties and organisations
  • Religious organisations and movements
  • Projects with a dangerous, aggressive or discriminatory background